Traditional hand-drawing is alive and well!

drawing, sketch, vector

First you draw it, then you build it.

A doodle on a napkin can end up adding hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, of new revenue to your business. In fact, your business may have started as a doodle on a napkin.

Work it out

On the other hand, a drawing, for internal review, or as a presentation to clients, can make sure somebody wants to buy your idea before you start spending big bucks. In that manner, drawing is insurance.

A post-it on the 'fridge.

I draw in Photoshop and Illustrator as well, but nothing yet has replaced the utility, speed and accuracy of the pencil and pen. For sure, sooner or later the work will move to digital. "In the beginning" though, for comps, ideation, and initial construction, no matter what you build, a new doll or a new rocket engine, traditional drawing is still the best way to think things out.

Who uses drawing?

Everybody. Who do I help with drawing? Everybody.