Packaging, Repackaging, Photography, Marketing, Manuals, & Guides

The year-long Dr. Cool project involved developing a packaging look within National Geographic style guide, then porting most of the Dr. Cool skus over to the new look.

Along with product packaging I also converted, sometimes created, learning guides and puzzle-filled activity booklets. Each sku also needed logo work, product photography, product art, illustration, instruction manuals, photo-manipulation, die-line assembly, pre-press, marketing banners, Amazon product photos, ads and sales sheets.

New Dr. Cool products were added as well using the existing brand look.

The highlight for me was two trips to Xiamen China to help shepherd the boxes through printing and revisions at the printer. And a trip to the overwhelming Hong Kong Gift show.

I learned that real Chinese food has much less salt and sugar than it's American cousin and that real Chinese noodles are beyond awesome. Hot Pot rules!!!

I also saw reasons for the difficulties in translation. It became clear to me that fault for "Chinglish", the broken English we love to make fun of, falls largely on the American side. And I witnessed first-hand the very real constraints translation place on communication. I developed a real appreciation for the difficulties within international import/export.